John Novotny Senior Video Producer: From the Outdoors to the Studio

My new demo reel reflects the many changes that I've gone through in my career as video producer and commercial photographer. It reflects the the years spent producing video for the Alberta Parks service, as a contractor and most recently as Creative Director of Video Production at Franciscan University. At Parks and as a contractor I had many fascinating topics to cover.

Rocky Mountains photo by John Novotny

Most of my projects were related to tourism, the environment, science journalism and first nations issues as related to Parks. Now in a university environment I find no shortage of fascinating topics from scientific research, sports, student social events and social initiatives outreach to help poor and underprivileged of the local community.

Franciscan University has a unique legacy and vibrant campus life which leave a seemingly endless array of topics. I've also found it rewarding to support the various positive initiatives of the university, its associated institutes and student organizations.

John Novotny studio video production

I also oversee production in two studios, on location seminar video production and promotional video. Most studio production occurs in one broadcast quality studio for online course production. Studio production also occurs in a second studio for a talk show produced for broadcast. We have a team of creative professionals and student workers.

We also produce many talks and seminars that occur on campus. Promotional video is shot cinematically with large sensor video cameras and DSLRs. We always strive for high production values and engaging content. We produce marketing aimed at Gen Z and Millennials, the current primary market post secondary education.

On occasion I handle photography projects because of the unique skillset I've built over the years. Whatever the project I always aim to produce excellent and engaging media.

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